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 Mystical, mysterious, and magical!

Hidden under centuries of foreign occupation, the voices of the Slavic medieval manuscripts speak of people marginalized by the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Greek, and Soviet empires.

Their scribes struggled to create without gold or pigments; with proscribed ink and paper. Yet, they persevered, borrowing from Byzantine, Celtic, and Islamic traditions and from their native Balkan folk arts.

Each pattern resembles a labyrinth of intertwining pathways incorporate vines, flowers, unicorns, dragons, birds, and iconic faces, pathways that lead to a unifying center where God resides.

South Slavic manuscripts inspired me to preserve them as cultural artifacts, to study the messages they carried down through the ages, and to recreate their patterns. After I realized their true value, I bowed to the scribes of old and vowed to bring their work to completion and perhaps to a new life.

My work recreates the decorative patterns by filling the blank spaces with gold, bright colors, and precious jewels, to allow them

ILLUMINATE, INSPIRE, and UNITE ourselves with


Tatiana Nikolova-Houston, Ph.D.

[email protected]