The Dove of Peace - Shalom


The Dove of Peace - Shalom

The world is undergoing the crisis of radical zealots killing wantonly, destroying temples and cultural artifacts, and annihilating many heritages. Some of my best friends came from Syria. Their families are suffering, making me personally aware of the threat to the whole world. That is why I created several pieces that are my prayer for peace in the world and especially for those people who have been suffering in the Middle East.

The dove represents the Holy Spirit, holding the laurel branch, both being symbols of the Peace that lasts forever. We remember the dove that returned to Noah with the laurel branch to announce that the flood was over and that the time had arrived to settle down to peace, labor, and prosperity. Trying to embrace all cultures, I wrote Peace in five ancient languages: Hebrew - Shalom, Greek - Ireini, Arabic - Salaam, Old Church Slavonic/Bulgarian - Mir, and Latin - Pax.


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